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Amberlithe Pedigree

Amberlithe Tequila Sunrise

Sex:fAKC Number:
Color:unknownCoat Type:unknown
Bred By An Amberlithe Breeding

Amberlithe Tequila Sunrise Kiba
Suda's de Can Gosch of Loki
Canela de Can Gosch
Threehand Khafre of Loki
Tallaways Castanet of Loki
Preux Electra de Faholo
Amberlithe Tequila Sunrise
Hanno de San Martin
Don Victoriano de Hanno
Dona Chicuela de Litri
CH Amberlithe Phoenecia, LCM
Preux Ptolomy
Preux Cleopatra's Amber
Cleopatra One
Pedigree created: Jan 20, 2021
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