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Ibizan Hound Pedigree

Re of Black-Chips, FCH

Sex:mAKC Number:
Color:unknownCoat Type:unknown

Re of Black-Chips, FCH Leo the Brave
INT/MEX CH Eridu Maestro of Loki
Divels Licha
Palma's Abderraman de Maestro, FCH
Hanno de San Martin
Dona Villalta de Hanno
Dona Chicuela de Litri
Re of Black-Chips, FCH
Bugler of Sin
Golden Chord of Sin
Ivicen Sunbeam
Black-Chips Gypsy of Loki, CD
Preux Sampson, CD
Gallantree's Arissa de Faholo, CD
Electra's Cassandra, CD
Pedigree created: Oct 28, 2020
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